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Versatile Heat Pumps in Basingstoke, Hampshire

Learn more about a wonderful eco-friendly solution. Phone Daton Electrical Services based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, for energy-efficient heat pump installations.

Perfect Pumps

Utilise another super source of eco-friendly energy. Heat pumps lower utility bills, and may even replace your boiler by offering an alternative source for hot water and central heating. Heat pumps from Green Living Energy™ harness latent heat in the water, ground and atmosphere, and transform it into heating and cooling processes without the need for a boiler.

See up to 70% of your energy costs disappear with a heat pump. They offer a robust solution as output is unaffected by weather or outside temperature. The system is low maintenance, and requires little or no annual servicing. This is very different to boilers whose efficiency reduces over time.

Don't worry about the size or layout of your building, as we combine the latest central heating, air conditioning, and hot water technology, to design a system that always matches your requirements.

Storage Heaters

Enjoy an outstanding storage heater from us as well. We supply and fit these and they are a popular choice amongst the elderly.

Contact Daton Electrical Services for versatile heat pumps that never fail to impress.